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We are independent sales Agents in the food industry. We mainly negotiate sales for producers and food products. 


We also provide a service to both food producers and buyers by selling to chain wholesalers, independent wholesalers, retail stores and horeca. Producers and manufacturers often find it less expensive to sell through food Brokers rather than directly because it saves the cost of paying a sales staff to market their products.

Since Brokers represent a large number of producers, the wholesalers and retailers save time, energy and money by dealing with one Broker rather than many manufacturers' representatives.


We don't sell in a specified geographical area but worldwide. However, the products we sell are grown, processed, or manufactured anywhere in Greece. We travel to meet with retail store owners, managers and wholesalers.


As a flexible and personalized company that we are, we offer a lot of services that the client can choose from. We sometimes may be closely involved in sales or work primarily as administrators and supervisors.

A service that we provide is keeping producers and manufacturers up-to-date on local market conditions. We also try to increase our sales volume and achieve the greatest possible distribution of their products, which involves strong sales of established products and vigorous marketing of new products. We can help wholesalers or store managers develop sufficient inventories of various products and offer suggestions on store displays and other means of promotion. 

Additional responsibilities typically include moving merchandise, rearranging product displays, replacing spoiled merchandise, keeping accurate records of their sales, and preparing reports on market conditions for producers and manufacturers. We finally deal with all financial issues that may occur.

We choose to work with young farmers
R u a farmer and need new machinery?
We work with modern people
Traditional farming in a better way


210 6257597

30 Liakateon street

Athens, Greece

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